Acne Myths Busted: Most common myths surrounding acne and scientific explanation

Published by Dr. Divya Sharma

Acne, or more commonly referred to as “pimple” or “zits”, is a skin condition that affects about 80% of the people, at least once in a lifetime. Although, being a common problem, the information regarding this is pretty much scarce. I wish to share some of the most common myths related to Acne and certain scientific explanations as to why they are need to be considered as misconceptions.

Myth 1: Adults don't get acne . I never had it when I was a teenager, then why now?

Not True. About 14% of people are affected with acne problems after the age of 25, commonly called Acne Tarda or late onset acne. During teenage, the acne usually appears as blackheads or whiteheads, scattered mostly over the forehead and on the face. As for Acne Tarda, the acne is mostly reddish in colour, present around the mouth and jaw.

Myth 2: You get acne when you don't wash your face enough

Not at all. Washing your face regularly does not actually help in eradicating acne, rather it can do more harm to oneself, since washing regularly can cause disturbance in the pH balance of the facial skin. Blackheads are not caused when dirt gets accumulated in the skin. Instead, it is caused due to the oxidized skin debris and melanin.

Myth 3: Eating chocolate and so called 'hot foods' (Indian concept) provoke acne

The controversy about acne problems arising due to a particular is still at large. However, some studies have proved that diet containing high glycemic food like junk, high carb and a few dairy items can aggravate the acne skin conditions. The diet is not the main reason that activates acne problems.

Myth 4: Acne is just a cosmetic problem, it shall go away on its own

It is true that acne problems do retreat themselves even if it is not treated. However, untreated acne may cause a person's face to display scars, maybe for a lifetime. Since prevention is always better than curing, it would be highly advisable to consult your dermatologists at the very first signs of acne.

Myth 5 : I get it treated but still it comes back, will it never go back?

Acne has been always chronic in nature and skin of people have a tendency to produce more acne compared to others. However, as the oil glands shrinks with age, the acne seems to reduce too. Undertaking treatments to control acne is a very good idea and it gets even better if you can go for certain maintenance therapy to prevent breakouts.

Myth 6: Clean up or steaming or may be squeezing them out will unclog my pores and help.

Picking on acne is one of the worst things you can do, since this can cause deep scars to form on the face. Certain popular clean ups can only make your acne problems to worsen and steaming just simply dehydrates the skin further. Acne problems cannot be solved by making your face sweat. It would be best to ask your dermatologist for chemical peels that usually helps patients to get rid off refactory acne and scars.

I would like to know more from you about the problems you are facing with Acne – the most common but commonly misunderstood problem faced by most of us.

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