How to keep your skin glowing during summers ? Summer care tips for skin

The hot summer days are usually a nightmare for those who really care for their skin, for it's during that time of the year, the face gets a lot more oily and sweaty, compared to the rest of the seasons. People basking in the hot sun of Bangalore really need to go in for that extra care to keep their facial skin intact and glowing for the rest of the season. I would really love to share some skin care tips that might come in handy, to take that extra care for your skin and hair during the summers in Bangalore.

1) Keep Yourself Hydrated
Oily skin is usually the result of a dehydrated skin. The skin tends to flush out the toxic wastes through oil when there is lack of water in the skin, making your face appear more oily. Drinking more water during the summer helps you stay hydrated and skin pH-balanced as well.

2) Stay Away from These
It would be best to avoid aerated drinks and concentrated juices, since the high sugar content present in these, inclines to more breakouts and occurrence of pimples on the face.

3) What Drinks to Take
The best – Homemade buttermilk and tender coconut water! Avoid all your aerated drinks and turn a new leaf towards better choices of drinks. Coconut water is great natural source of healthy nutrients, especially for the skin. Add cooling herbs and spices like mint, cardamom and fennel to your daily cup of tea, to provide yourself with antioxidant content. Making green tea a daily routine is as great as having lime barley water, that cools both your mind and body.

4) Shed some Skin this Summer
During the summer, the dead skin gets accumulated more often on the face and it would be a good practice to scrub off the dead skin – at least twice a week, using certain cosmetic products or even home-made ones.

5) Protection from Direct Sunlight
The heat of the summer can get really lethal and protection from the scorching rays of the sun is pretty much a mandatory measure. Apply sunscreen (of at least 30 SPF) all over the exposed skin and use hats, scarves and UV-indexed sunglasses to shield yourself from sunlight. Try not to leave the house between 10am to 3pm, during which the intensity of the sun is the most.

6) Care for Your Lips
Protect your lips from drying out due to the heat, by applying a mild moisturizer – the best being one with a sunscreen, to give you better protection from the sun.

7) Hair Care during Summer
Sweat, dust and grime are some of the worst disasters that can happen to your hair during the summer. Even direct sunlight can do much harm to the hair. Make sure to wash your hair everyday or at least every other day, to prevent the infestation of dandruff, that tends to increase significantly during the summer.

8) Systematize your Summer Make-up Regime
Replacing liquid and cream-based cosmetics with mineral-based powders would be a good idea to start with. Also, instead of the sticky lipsticks, try turning towards using waterproof mascara and gloss.

9) Skin care while Swimming
Swimming is the best activity to do to get rid off the summer heat. However, while taking the dip, make sure you apply a moisturizer after a swim. Using shower caps and even applying water-resistant sunscreen while entering a pool, is indeed a good idea.

Have a safe day and enjoy the summer glow!!!

By Dr. Divya Sharma

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